Terri Branson is an author, an editor, a graphics artist, and the publisher for Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. After earning an associate degree in math and science, she turned to the studies of creative writing and graphic arts. She has sold articles on the craft of writing and has conducted local writing workshops. As well as dabbling in photography, she creates cover art for books of all genres and also designs coloring books. Awards include the EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy for Brother Dragon and the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy for Cosmic Sculpture. Terri lives in Oklahoma with her husband David and their two cats, Nancy and Scooter.


A Very Dragon Christmas | Brother Dragon | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to the Zoo | Pete, the Peacock, Goes to Town | Scooter’s World | Tyler on the Moon | Watch for Falling Rock |

Children’s Picture Books are Rated G for ages 2-7+ and are professionally illustrated in full color. Editions include color paperbacks, color hardbacks, color ebooks (EPUB and Kindle), and coloring books. Editions vary by title.


A Psychic Life [Non-Fiction (G)] | Cosmic Sculpture [SF/Fantasy Anthology (PG)] | Dragon’s Blood [SF (PG)] | Dragon’s Bones [SF (PG)] | Dragon’s Den [SF (PG)] | Dragon’s Eye [SF (PG)] | Dragon’s Fire [SF (PG)] | Geodoodles [Adult Coloring Book (G)] | Musk Rain [Paranormal Romance (PG)] | Prairie Fire [Western Romance (PG)] |

Adult books are rated G-PG unless stated otherwise. Editions include ebooks (EPUB and Kindle), paperbacks, and hardbacks. Editions vary by title. [SF = Science Fiction]


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