Take a guided tour of the primary aspects of psychic phenomena. Learn the links between chakras and abilities. Read true stories of ghosts and other entities. Gain a greater understanding of basic paranormal experiences with a step-by-step guided approach enhanced by illustrations.

Library Paperback [EAN 978-1-941278-62-8 | ISBN 1-941278-62-0] 6x9 trim B/W interior [48 pages illustrated] Average Retail Price: $8.99 or less || B/W Paperback at Amazon | B/W Paperback at Amazon UK | B/W Paperback at Barnes & Noble |

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Color eBook [EAN 978-1-941278-63-5 | ISBN 1-941278-63-9] Available in full color EPUB and Kindle |  Average Retail Price: $4.99 ||
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Get the ebook for just $0.99 at Smashwords with an on-site discount!

"At first I was a skeptic about the topic, but once I read more into the book, it began to make sense. Although I will admit to some of it being 'over my head', I found it intriguing with a desire to seek out more books of this nature. I was actually able to identify with some of the points. Ms. Branson has definitely done her research for this one and if my guess is correct she also has some inside scoop on these abilities. I look forward to more books from this author!" ~ reviewed by Roberta Hoffer on Goodreads [FIVE STARS]

"A PSYCHIC LIFE by Terri Branson offers an easy-to-read short tutorial for those interested in learning about psychic abilities and how to live with them. The author also included a section with several true ghost and paranormal stories, which serve as examples of encounters and how to deal with paranormal things. This small book has a lot of information packed into it. I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of psychic phenomena, from those living with such abilities to authors writing books about them."
~ Amber Sparks for Roserock Reviews [FIVE STARS]

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Living with Extraordinary Perception
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